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Advancing the L&D Profession in Africa

Cohort is a professional development program designed to provide members of the OLxD community with a crash course on topics relevant to the learning and development profession.

As an OLxD initiative, Cohort is part of our ongoing efforts to create a platform for career development and networking for L&D practitioners. We understand the importance of continuous learning and growth, especially in the dynamic field of learning and development. That’s why we’ve created this program to give our members the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills in a convenient and accessible way.

Cohort offers a minimum of 8 hours of learning time across a series of sessions, each focusing on a specific topic relevant to the L&D field. Our experienced and knowledgeable facilitators will provide in-depth insights and practical strategies to help participants improve their skills and stay current with the latest trends and best practices.

By participating in Cohort, members of the OLxD community can gain a comprehensive understanding of key concepts and techniques that can help them excel in their role as L&D practitioners.

At the end of the program, participants who complete the sessions will be awarded certificates of completion/attendance, which they can add to their professional portfolio. This recognition of their dedication to their professional development will help them stand out in a competitive job market.

In addition to the learning and development opportunities provided by Cohort, participants will also benefit from networking with other L&D professionals. By connecting with like-minded individuals, participants can expand their professional network, exchange ideas, and develop lasting relationships that can help them advance their careers.

Whether you’re an experienced L&D practitioner or just starting out, Cohort offers a valuable learning and networking opportunity.

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