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Learn, Network, and Explore: The Second OLxD Hangout Experience

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The second OLxD Hangout was an event to remember, bringing together industry professionals, educators, and eLearning enthusiasts for an afternoon filled with insightful discussions and networking. It was all about learning and connecting while having fun. The highlight of the event was an enlightening talk by our guest speaker, Samuel Apata, on the topic “E-learning in Corporate Training.”

Held on May 27, 2024, at Cafe One by Sterling in Yaba, Lagos, the hangout attracted over 40 attendees. The unique workstation, adorned with inspiring artwork and designs, created a comfortable, camp-like atmosphere where everyone felt relaxed and ready to engage. The first ten early arrivals received souvenirs, adding a special touch to the start of the event.

The Second OLxD Hangout Experience

Samuel Apata captivated the audience with his presentation on “E-learning in Corporate Training.” He emphasized the importance of integrating technology into corporate training programs to stay ahead of industry trends. His talk covered various key topics, including the types of technology used in training and development, how to create an effective training program, tips for creating engaging and interactive e-Learning content, and methods for training measurement.


The Second OLxD Hangout Experience One standout moment during the fireside chat session was when Samuel advised, “Know your value,” highlighting the importance of continuous learning. His discussion on the benefits of technology emphasized skills diversification, continuous learning, and upskilling opportunities. He concluded his talk with a bonus: tools and resources for e-learning design, including those for images and audio. One attendee underscored the need for theoretical knowledge and principles as a foundation for any new career journey, sparking lively discussions and exchanges of ideas among participants.

The event also featured interactive sessions where participants engaged directly with the speaker, asked questions, and shared their experiences. Photos and videos captured the essence of the event, and strategic group pictures with our guest speaker ensured memorable moments were documented.

If you missed last year’s conference, make sure to mark your calendar for this year’s conference on November 2. Stay tuned for our next article and continue your learning journey with us.

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