Organization Learning and Development (OLxD)

OLxD Recognizes Facilitators as Learning Champions

OLxD, the professional community for L&D professionals in Africa, has recognized 13 of its facilitators as Learning Champions. These facilitators have played a significant role in conducting periodic knowledge-sharing sessions to promote professional development among members.

As part of the recognition program, OLxD awarded the facilitators with a certificate of recognition and an OLxD Learning Champion certificate in December 2022. In addition, they received a digital certificate and a physical badge as a symbol of their dedication and commitment to the L&D field.

The Learning Champions are experienced L&D professionals and practitioners from different industries in Africa who have facilitated various knowledge-sharing sessions for OLxD members. Through these sessions, members have had an opportunity to learn from each other and enhance their professional skills. They play a critical role in advancing the knowledge and skills of the community.

The Learning Champions expressed their appreciation for the recognition and reiterated their commitment to advancing the field of L&D in Africa.

The recognition of the OLxD Learning Champions highlights the association’s commitment to fostering excellence in the L&D field in Africa. OLxD events provide a valuable platform for professionals to learn from each other and advance their careers.

As OLxD continues to grow and expand, it remains committed to recognizing and rewarding excellence in the L&D field. The Learning Champions are a testament to the vision of promoting professional development and creating a vibrant and supportive community of L&D professionals in Africa.

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